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The Long Island Chess Center is a state of the art chess education center that utilizes the latest technology to deliver lessons and activities administered by highly experienced chess Instructors. It  is located at 543 Broadway in Massapequa, NY 11758.

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Players new to chess are taught the rules, notation, and basic strategies. Advanced players develop a repertory of game strategies for the opening, middle game and endgame. See the Class Diary section of this site to get an idea of a typical day at the Center.


Chess is increasingly becoming the game of choice for educational facilities across the world. Studies have shown that chess improves reading and math skills as well as enhancing decision making ability. 20151024_140701The Long Island Chess Center’s faculty creates an environment where students will learn and improve their game in an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere. Classes feature instruction, tournament play, team matches, and computer chess activities.

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See our twitter feed to learn about the benefits of chess for children.